We are happy to announce that our Journal of Public Procurement, Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management, and International Journal of Organization Theory & Behavior were acquired by Emerald Group Publishing. Under this prestigious publisher, our journals will be much more recognized, and thus, their international impact will be instantly improved.

For manuscript submissions, please submit your manuscripts using the instructions on the new journal websites, effective 31 st January 2018:

For journal subscription, please contact:


The Journal of Public Budgeting Accounting & Financial Management (JPBAFM) welcomes symposia on timely topics with broad appeal and the potential to redefine our intellectual borders. A successful symposium requires effective communication and adherence to timelines. If any problems regarding manuscripts arise, the symposium guest editor should immediately inform the journal editorial team. Please follow the guidelines below to prepare and deliver a symposium.

  1. The guest editor(s) should submit a symposium proposal, which includes the topic, purpose and scope of the symposium.
  2. The guest editor(s) should provide a call-for-paper announcement for appropriate outlets including but not limited to the journal website.
  3. Manuscripts should be ready for review within six months of symposium proposal approval.
  4. Manuscripts must follow journal submission guidelines.
  5. Guest Editors may recommend reviewers for manuscripts. But the Editorial Team will make all decisions on reviewers and deploy the usual blind review in assessing manuscript quality.
  6. The final symposium must contain an introduction prepared by the symposium editor. If fewer than three papers are accepted after the review process, these manuscripts will be regarded as separate submissions.




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